The Multiple Uses Of Bunk Beds

Let’s say one child has a bedroom on its own. Another main factor used by many people in determining the kind of bed to buy is presented by the issue of space: how much of it there is in a bedroom and how much of it the person that will use the bed takes up. A perfect solution for families with multiple children that want to save on space and have more than one child in a room is to buy bunk beds.
Please note: These Sonata Bunk Beds cannot be converted to two separate single beds. It started out as a sleeping innovation to prevent children with night time restlessness from bunk beds with desk kicking off or tangling in their sheets and now keeping them covered. It has the Furntech safety tick and has been fully tested in Australia with the Orange Safety Tick!!.

There’s the air mattress which is noisy to inflate, kind of a hassle and not always that comfortable, or the trusty sleeping on the sofa tactic, which is fine if you’re on the short side, or have the space for a three seater-sofa which isn’t always the case in the inner-city.
To provide safe access to the top bunk make sure ladders are properly attached. They should also make sure that the mattress is suitable for the bunk bed, with no gap. Generally, unless the bunk is custom-made, the opportunities for change are mostly around the positioning of the ladder and the size of the mattress.

Although the suitable minimum age to use a bunk bed can vary greatly depending on a child’s maturity and development, using the top bunk or a raised bed is not recommended for children under nine years old. We specialize in loft beds and bunk beds, desks, storage units and custom rooms.
Choose from wooden frame bunk beds in a selection of styles and finishes, and modern tri-bunk beds that have a tubular steel frame. CasaKids places a high emphasis on safety and versatility – the pieces we have purchased should last our kids many years and can even be moved or modified as they grow.

Maximise the space in your guest room by replacing a standard single bed with bunk beds. Many manufacturers and retailers these days have switched to using cheaper chipboard or particle board in construction which only lessens the lifespan and durability of the bunk beds.
However, loft beds can sometimes cost more due to the build, storage features or additional joinery. Whether you are looking for triple bunk beds for kids or have any other requirement, we have your needs covered. Amart Furniture has a bunk bed to suit every taste.

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